When you read decorating magazines or even hire an interior designer, you will often be told that finding the focal point of a room is your most important step as it means that you are then going to be able to make everything else fall in place around it. While there is plenty that you can do right, there is also a great deal that can go wrong at the same time. So, here are just a few of the top mistakes that you certainly need to sidestep. 

Choosing one that is the wrong size 

The focal point of a room needs to have a certain dominance about it. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get the sizing right. If you choose one that is too small, it is not clear that this is the focal point at all. For example, if you choose a piece of art, it needs attract attention as soon as the room is entered. Conversely, if you were to choose one that is too big, this can easily start to dominate and take over the rest of the room in a way that does not really appeal and can make the space feel overwhelming and uncomfortable.  

Picking too many focal points 

You are only supposed to choose a single main focal point for each room. If you end up choosing more than one, it will have a negative impact as it means that the eye is drawn all over the place rather than to a single entity. While you may have a great number of interesting objects or potential focal points in the room, you should only be elevating one. Not only is this important from a decorating point of view, but it will generally make your task a great deal easier to accomplish successfully.  

Not lighting it correctly 

Once you have settled on a focal point, you then want to give it the right level of attention-grabbing poise and elegance. Therefore, if you fail to light it correctly, this could mean that you are not giving it a due level of care and attention. Worse still, it could easily then mean that people are not even noticing it as the focal point that you had in mind. So, whether you are picking a beautiful antique mirror or a fireplace from stonewoods.co.uk, you certainly need to make sure that people sit up and notice it. 

It doesn’t stand out

The whole point of the focal point of a room is that it is supposed to stand out. Therefore, if you end up in a situation where it simply fades away into the background, it could well be the case that you are going to need to choose something else entirely to act as a focal point. If visitors are always drawn to another item in the room, or even the view outside – that is your natural focal point, not the one you are trying to create. 

If you are able to avoid each and every one of these common mistakes, you make it a great deal more likely that you will have created a wonderful focal point that people are able to appreciate.

By Manali