In the modern world, it is easy to become stressed and suffer from low self-esteem or question your body image. Every day, people around the world are bombarded by pictures and media that purport to show “ideal” representations of health and beauty. Flawless models are shown wearing outfits that simply would not suit most people’s body types and many of these pictures have been enhanced with post-production techniques to eliminate any natural flaws in the shots. In addition, the actions of “influencers” on social media channels promote a lifestyle that is simply not attainable by most people. Over time, this can lead to feelings of inadequacy or jealousy when seeing these people visit exotic destinations or living a life that seems to be perfect in every way. In this article, two ways to improve your self-esteem and body confidence will be described. Together, they will help you feel happier with the person that you are and approach every day with improved self-belief.

A confident smile 

Firstly, never underestimate the power of a confident, winning smile. Smiling on a regular basis can help to boost your mood and can even lower your stress levels. People naturally want to gravitate towards others that are friendly and welcoming in nature, and a confident smile can help you in both the workplace and in your social life. However, it is understood that many people feel apprehensive about smiling if they have crooked teeth or need dental work undertaken. Put simply, it is difficult to smile with true confidence if you are not happy with the overall health and condition of your teeth. If you need dental work undertaken to improve the appearance of your teeth (such as to eliminate staining or straighten problem teeth), it is important to register with a professionally run dental practice. Independent dentists such as those found at offer a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments that can really boost the attractive power of your smile. Many practices offer procedures that will straighten crooked teeth, whiten the teeth (without using harsh abrasives) or undertake dental cosmetic surgery. Whilst most people will not need a wide range of treatments, having a few simple procedures undertaken can really help to boost your confidence when smiling and give your self-esteem a significant boost.

Limit social media 

It is estimated that adults worldwide use social media sites for an average of 151 minutes per day. This can include catching up on the latest Facebook posts from friends and family, surfing channels such as Instagram and TikTok and networking on sites such as LinkedIn. Whilst it is understood that social media is an important part of many people’s lives, it is also vital to recognize that excessive social media consumption can be detrimental. Put simply, if you are spending too much time watching influencers travel the world or repeatedly viewing picture-perfect models, you will eventually start to suffer from reduced self-esteem. It is important to realize that the lives of most people are like yours. Most days will not involve visiting exotic locations, dining at fancy restaurants or going to exclusive parties. Limit your social media consumption and recognize that your life is unique and fulfilling. It will be a vital change that can improve your whole outlook on life. 

By Manali